Roshini Ashok Kumar

Rosh has been fascinated with the workings of products at a young age. Taking things apart and trying to make things work became more than just a child’s play.

Joining a Product Design course at The Centre for Advance Design (CENFAD) in Malaysia, opened up a world of limitless exploration, and provided a strong design foundation that covered a vast ground within the design discipline. This course became a transition in her career as a product and graphic designer. From here, she pursued her Bachelor’s of Arts in Industrial Design at Birmingham City University in England.

During her years working in England, she experimented with both product and graphic design; working on branding, ceramic design and furniture design simultaneously. This introduced the young designer to sustainable design.

As a person with a thirst for knowledge, she went on to completed her Master’s in Design and Visualisation, focusing on sustainable design in packaging. With the knowledge obtained at university, such as understanding user centred design, emerging technologies and design communication, combined with the skill sets gained from practical design experience, she worked with various companies. Such as EP Manufacturing Berhad (Car parts manufacturer), Katika (Bespoke furniture company), Dinah Body Consultancy (specializes in ceramic design) and Lucideas (Advertising agency) to name a few.

“I’m passionate about sustainable design and user experience, which lead me into packaging design. Working in advertising made me understand branding better, hence designing products better suited to a brand’s image and target audience. With a background in both industrial and graphic design, I believe it has enriched my skills in identifying problems, analysing and understanding user experience, and generate innovate design solutions particularly when it involved manufacturing processes”.

She has since taken a bold step in her career, and took the leap of faith; taking a year out to backpack and travel write, a dream that has been put on hold for years. Since the trip she’s now an avid photographer, travel writer and a scuba diving enthusiast. Although traveling was a priority that year, she still worked on freelance projects to keep the skills sets alive. Her writings and photography can be viewed at wanderosh.com.

“Traveling solo tests your limits in tough situations. Its either you make it, or completely crumble”.

After completing her travels, she took up residence in Penang working for a cross-media production agency as a Creative Lead cum Account Manager, managing multiple FMCG accounts that are eCommerce based. Almost 4-years in Penang, she is now back in the big city (Kuala Lumpur) looking out for a challenge and a change in scene.


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