Ad Prentice

The Ad Prentice is a showdown between Lucideas (ad agency) and a group of student who inspire to be the next big thing in the advertising world. The project was done for IACT college (Institute Advertising Communication Training), where a group of high school leavers are to submit their creative adverts, selling their ability to be part of the elite 20 to be trained by IACT college for the final grand prize. At the finals, the student will butt head with the creative agency to come up with the best ad concept for the following year for IACT college.

Working within a team from the start of the project to finish was certainly interesting as a designer, as you’re not just limited to the look at feel of the layouts but also get involved in the mechanics of the project.

Worked mostly on 2-D print artworks as well as design layouts for the website.